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The various assemblies would have to deliberate.

The railway denounce certain technical defects in the network operation and tired of being the fall guys, are organizing to ensure their safety. Minors do the same, more insistently and even method: Social Security survey of local work where workers and employees. But what a voice was raised, which organization has mobilized to the public in general and parents in particular are aware of the very serious dangers – physiological and mental – that their children encounter in overcrowded classrooms, courtyards overcrowded recreation and also because of the unpreparedness of a large part of the teaching staff? No wonder if, when we demand better wages, no one moves in and if press and radio remain stubbornly silent. It is much more sensitive to stoppages muddy and dead undertaker at the casual vacancy of some classes. This is because our function appears to parents – and partly our fault – a minor that does nothing for the upgrade. For the school has, in the nation, the rightful It might be different if educators began their cooperative action in the right way, for the technical and human impact of their craft. Ask the unions designate monitoring and control boards such as exist for other professions. These fees may include: staff delegates (presented by the unions), representatives of parents, one or more physicians, representatives of the administration. We submit to the committee extreme cases that appear as a scandal: overcrowded classrooms, insufficient airspace because of that overload smallness of course, haunting sounds, inadequate facilities, with more or less total lack of working tools etc. .. The press would be informed. The various assemblies would have to deliberate. Then you would see parents take an interest in this fight with the health and education of their children would be at stake. They would themselves agree that commissions, in some severe cases, may order the closure of certain classes for security reasons, as firm a suspected mine. Teachers are no longer alone in calling at their peril. Their voice would be better heard. A new trend is created. As such activity inevitably lead to classes creations, many educators would necessarily increase. But this number may increase, so that the classes are not held by young people without training, it should reconsider the recruitment, so wages. The school at all levels take in the nation and in the budget instead should be his, and our demands would then have more chance of success. Master Health This formula of action at the base would also help to ask and resolve a claim that we believe essential and that trade unions completely underestimate: the health of teachers. The unions acted, indeed, effectively regards care educators that the rigor of their profession has made sick, and it’s not that we’re ignoring the importance of best achievements of MGEN. Yes, sick teachers are well cared for, but do not have it instead of studying what to do so they do not get sick? In nine cases out of ten serious accidents that heals in the MGEN institutions are due to poor working conditions. Overcrowded classrooms in local overheated and insufficient airspace, automatically causes tuberculosis. The nervous students and crammed in rooms too crowded, poorly arranged technically, with excess noise, and also, which is not negligible methods requiring educators voltage unnatural, all preparing for nervous diseases at all degrees, and sometimes incunabula. It is not enough to say that tuberculosis and nervous disorders are illnesses educators. This is the passive aspect of the problem, fight against the causes that lead e these diseases would be active and dynamic appearance. At our Congress of Mulhouse, one of our old militant had to say at the podium, the applause of 500 participants: “Of course we want better wages, but if it does not change our working conditions, we will be used before time and can not even enjoy a pension paid dearly. That helps us to live first and work humanly! “It is the cry which we also trade unions. Administrative and social conditions change visibly in our changing world. It must not be afraid to reconsider the same conditions our struggle. Then, with the parents interested as us to a better functioning of the School we will lead more effectively the necessary action for the progress of the Lay School. Agendas voted in sections Why do I fit to resume today an argument often advanced already right here? It’s just that I have just received various reports and agendas that show me that the desired action is happily begun. Last July our Haute-Savoie mates (check your last and before last editions of July) had to vote by their union branch, a motion recommending that defense of our working conditions. This agenda was to be presented to the Congress of the NIS. We have had no response. Here is today a motion passed in Lyon by the GA of the FEN, and a motion of the Union Council of the Ardeche: The General Assembly of the FEN took place on Sunday 18. The motion was adopted unanimously less 18 abstentions: “the complete success of the strike of parents of students of the Rhone and Herault crowning secular fortnight Action highlighted the desire of parents to see lead the most vital and most urgent of our claims. Getting a number of teachers and premises actually corresponding to the needs of our teaching. The effective support of parents do us he invites not to go ahead and not be content every year “just to attract the attention of the authorities.” The General Assembly therefore asks Congress to make the study a plan that plans to bring in 3 or 4 years (1) and in stages, the number of all classes to 25 students maximum. Consider energetic action to activate the plan by governments and to ensure the implementation of each stage. The shareholders believe that the study of this plan could be done in collaboration with representatives of the parents. ” The Union Council of the Ardeche section SNI meeting in Privas on 11/08/62. After drawing the conclusions of secular campaign September, welcomes the actions that have been undertaken as part of the Fortnight (parents strike, etc.). The C.S. believes however that it is not enough each year “to draw attention” to the public and the lack of posts, overcrowded classrooms etc. He thinks the battle for a number of positions corresponding to the needs, reducing class sizes, better working conditions, is an urgent and ongoing battle. Therefore he asks the NIS – to prepare these objectives a plan including gradually cut the number of each class to 25 students at most. – and plan every helper homework site
step of this plan energetic actions up to a prolonged strike. ” We must continue the action. Do not miss an opportunity to show the urgent necessity; discuss them in union sections; carry the matter to the union newsletter. Write articles for the school Liberator. Explain in summary that: “For greater efficiency of their economic struggle, the teachers demand that the emphasis by the unions, the associations of parents, secular organizations on the necessary improvement of their working conditions: overcrowded classrooms, insufficient airspace of air, noise, space and being too cramped recreation, teaching methods to reconsider with the modern tools needed, administrative and material claims to be the natural consequence of our struggle for a better school. The teachers demand that the slogan of 25 children per class gradually becomes a reality and for the formation of responsible oversight committees to investigate and intervene in all serious cases to be reported to them. ” And let us know.

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