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free vs premium wp themes

Free vs Premium WordPress Themes: How and What to Choose?

Getting into the world of WordPress was always attractive for bloggers and site owners. But it is always the easiest part of work to do… A huge step everyone should take is making the decision: premium theme or free theme? It’s not just a matter of choice; it’s the appreciation of your real needs. Almost every newbie and starting blogger fights the question, that’s why WiniThemes’ team decided to come with couple of tips and advices on choosing the best WordPress Theme.

Free themes are free for a reason – have you ever thought about it? The main attractiveness of a free theme is the fact that you don’t have to pay for it, but what do you get instead of this advantage? Most of such themes have a nice design and follow the same structure; you can even call them standard if you want. Free themes have low customizability, limited options and widgets, a vast number of them do not come with color schemes and styles that will help you change the look of your site. Even worse, some of free themes can have hidden malicious code that could harm your site’s functionality and brand reputation. If you just want to publish your content, a free theme will suit your needs perfectly! However, soon, you will probably find yourself wanting more, more variety, more options, more independent creation, more customizability, more and more, and more!

So now you probably ask yourself – What is the big difference between free and premium themes? What’s the big deal? What extra benefits do I get for the charged money? Here they are:

Great Design

Due to the high requirements for premium themes, developers invest much time into the overall design of the theme. You have the right to expect that the chosen premium theme will overshadow the free one, that you’ve used before! If you are seeking to portray your brand or content in a unique way you should choose wise. A premium theme’s design will distinguish your site from the majority of those who use free templates, it is undoubtful!

Search Engine Optimization

Google loves WordPress sites! Most of premium WordPress Thems come with built in SEO features, that will help your site rank better on search engines. Their code, semantic and hierarchy is optimized for all major search engines and are compatible with the most popular SEO plugins for WordPress. BTW: around 1250 WordPress Themes that we list, are SEO optimized.

Security and Updates

To survive the marketplace, premium themes developers have to offer all the latest updates and stay in sync with the latest WordPress releases, these will keep your site strong and not vulnerable. In most cases free themes are not delivering any updates, and are not always well-versed in coding standards. By choosing a premium theme you will make a huge step towards your site security and we recommend it to you!

Flexibility and Customization

Premium Themes have an enormous variety of settings, ready elements and easy-to-use shortcodes! All these features usually come with a powerful admin settings panel that will allow you to customize your layout as you wish. Advanced features give you practically unlimited possibilities in terms of visual appearance and functionality, just to name a few of them: beautiful image sliders, custom post types, translation support, custom typography, color schemes, custom widgets, slideshows, Google fonts, Google maps and much more…

Reliable Support

Premium themes come with a high quality customer support; this is a big difference between premium and free themes. When you have questions, none will help you when it comes to free themes! Theme developers assign considerable resources to professional support and are always glad to help you customize your layout. Extended documentation, video tutorials, set-up guides, support forums and dedicated stuff are all a part of a premium support.

Not enough to take the decision? Browse our great collection of Premium WordPress Themes now! Be sure to make the right choice and buy the best matching theme for your project!

4 RESPONSES TO Free vs Premium WordPress Themes: How and What to Choose?
Mark S. April 18, 2013 Reply

Absolutely agree! SEO features, flexibility and customization are big advantages which premium themes have to offer. That’s why I’ve purchased one of these.

    Winithemes April 18, 2013 Reply

    Thanks Mark, hope you’ll get the most of your theme.

Miko April 18, 2013 Reply

This is GOLD, WordPress themes, design, SEO are just part of being successful.
We added to our wordpress theme a themed chat of RumbleTalk, which made our look and feel complete.

    Winithemes April 18, 2013 Reply

    Agree with you Miko, that’s why so many users choose WordPress, its system of plugins and themes gives you practically endless possibilities.

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